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Windsurfing in Cancun is awesome. In January, the wind usually blows around 15-25 Knt and the water is warm. The water is pretty flat on the course racing area, with some wind shit and gusts making racing super interesting. The crossing to Isla Mujeres is a fantastic experience and we hope to receive as much windsurfers as possible to enjoy this unique experience. 

We will be hosting the Windsurf 2024 National Championship

To make sure you enjoy the most your trip, Mayan Wind fest will have 2 different categories: Island crossing and course racing. The course racing will be a conventional regatta, opened for the following classes: IQ FOIL, Techno 293 & Windsurfer LT.

20 km Island Crossing:
Cancun - Isla Mujeres

The crossing from Cancun to Isla Mujeres (round trip) will be the main event of he Mayan Wind Fest. It will be as fun as challenging. The South point of the island is located perfectly in front of Puerto Cancun, 10Km away, allowing a perfect side wind, leg burning run. The water can get choppy if the wind is strong, but the shape of the bay and numerous safety boat will allow you to safely cross to this Iconic "Woman Island", together with hundreds of windsurfers and wingfoilers. 

The start will be a "rabbit start behind a speed boat and may the fastest Windsurfer win!

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Windsurfer and sailors will have a course racing area located upwind from the main event site. They will do 3 to 5 upwind - downwind races per day

Classes are: 

IQ Foil

Techno 293

Windsurfer LT

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